The Expo will be held in Bishkek from April 26 to April 28, 2022

Key points:

  • At KyrgyzBuild Expo in Bishkek PH Insulation will display energy saving technologies for construction of agricultural and industrial buildings: PIR Premier sandwich panels and Solar Sandwich system that allows to cut costs for heating or air conditioning
  • Kyrgyzstan contractors use PH Insulation sandwich panels and insulated doors for construction of supermarkets, meat processing plants, confectioneries and other food production facilities

PH Insulation will showcase energy saving technologies at KyrgyzBuild expo for construction, energy and special equipment in Bishkek. The expo will be held from April 26 to April 28, 2022.

At booth number A3 PH Insulation will demonstrate:

  • wall and roof sandwich panels with polyisocyanurate PIR Premier core. PIR Premier sandwich panels are meant to save costs for heating or air conditioning due to their low thermal conductivity at 0,0194 W/mK. The use of energy efficient materials can reduce the demand for electricity in Kyrgyzstan by more than 20%, according to experts. All PIR Premier insulated panels are certified with CE mark.
  • Solar Sandwich system — an advanced solution comprised of solar panels installed on PIR Premier insulated panels. The Solar Sandwich allows to save up to 30% on costs for air conditioning or heating. Solar Sandwich can be installed at construction phase or added to existing buildings. The use of solar power plants is especially relevant for the Kyrgyz Republic, which has high potential for renewable energy generation
  • mineral wool sandwich panels for buildings with high fire safety requirements
  • universal PIR Plita® insulation boards with paper, foil, and film for building of flat roofs and insulation of any type of new or old buildings


PH Insulation sandwich panels and cold room doors are used in Uzbekistan for construction of supermarkets, meat processing plants, confectioneries, warehouses, fruit and vegetable storages and other buildings.

To request a full list of projects in Armenia built with PH Insulation energy safe products send an email to or leave a message at PH Insulation’s LinkedIn account.

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