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Video instruction:
installation of a prefabricated building
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Our partners say: warehouse in Estonia
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№1 in Russia
on sandwich panels
with polyurethane foam
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Why Consider Our Insulation Products?

PIR Premier System Quality Guarantee
PIR Premier System Quality Guarantee

PIR Premier is the best-selling PIR-system in Russia, widely acknowledged for its thermal conductivity and physical and mechanical characteristics: resistance of over 203 kPa when testing compressive strength at 10% deformation, and over 160 kPa at break at a density of 40 kg/m3.

Free Consultations
Free Consultations

We offer unlimited free consultations before, during and after the contract. We always stand by our clients.

Save time
Save time

Request insulated panels, doors, solar panels in one place to save on transportation and documentation.

Save energy and budget
Save energy and budget

Use the most energy-efficient insulator PIR Premier, lambda value 0,0194 W/mK, U-value up to 0,11 W/m2•K

We believe that we can provide the most advanced insulation materials for smart temperature control. So that your business can save energy and money, anywhere in the world
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Do you need insulated panels or PIR boards for your cold room or industrial building?
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