Energy Safe Technologies

Mill Complex

For the construction of the largest in the northern Kazakhstan mill complex, PH Insulation has manufactured and delivered 6 340 sq. m of wall and 1 840 sq. m of roof PIR Premier sandwich panels.

At the request of the customer, the sandwich panels were manufactured in four colors:

black amber RAL 9005
blue-gray RAL 7031
light gray RAL 9002
white-aluminum RAL 9006

Timur Mukashev, construction manager of the company-contractor says, "We have chosen ProfHolod not only for the quality of their products and their commitment to negotiate and close the deal with price negotiations, but also for speed and attention. ProfHolod managers have been quick to react to our request and have visited our site several times before, during and after the construction."

PIR Premier sandwich panels allow to save on heating and cooling costs due to their thermal conductivity of as low as 0.0194 W/mK. PH Insulation panels are CE certified for international markets.