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Refrigerating warehouses
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17.03.2020 Improving the top-selling PIR system in Russia: PH Insulation completes installation of a polyether synthesis unit
		The company explores a new frontier in improving its customized PIR Premier system		

The company explores a new frontier in improving its customized PIR Premier system

10.01.2020 Label Your Door: All ProfHolod Doors Now Carry Identification Tags
		Identification tags contain a serial number, the year of manufacture, a phone number and the companys website		

Identification tags contain a serial number, the year of manufacture, a phone number and the companys website

25.12.2019 The magnificent eight: ProfHolod manufactured more than 8 000 cold room and industrial doors in 2019
		The milestone 8 000 door is manufactured for pharmaceutical production in the Moscow region		

The milestone 8 000 door is manufactured for pharmaceutical production in the Moscow region

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Refrigerating warehouses

Refrigerating warehouses
Detailed description

PH Insulation delivers PIR Premier and PUR Classic and insulated panels, hinged and sliding refrigeration doors for construction of cold storage warehouses, cold chambers and distribution centers.

Refrigerated warehouses are used to store your fruits, vegetables or other products at controlled temperatures to prolong their life.

Insulated cold storages are used in many industries:
  • Storage of fruits and vegetables
  • Dairy
  • Meat processing
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Catering
  • Speciality applications like data centers, preserving artwork, etc

Cold storage temperatures

ProfHolod manufactures PUR and PIR insulated panels and insulated refrigeration doors for a wide variety of cold storages, including

  • Medium temperature refrigeration, above 0
  • Low temperature refrigeration, below 0

Building of refrigerating warehouses and chambers

The service package related to the building of refrigerating chambers and warehouses includes:

  1. Design and construction or the refrigerating chamber
  2. Supply of wall and roofing sandwich panels with the polyurethane foam PUR or fire-proof polyisocyanurate PIR filler
  3. Supply of shaped profiles, flashings
  4. Supply of refrigeration doors, PVC strip curtains
  5. Selection and supply of refrigerating equipment

Availability of the own manufacturing facilities and of highly competent experts makes it possible to fulfill the project documentation development and the construction of the refrigerating warehouses in the shortest possible time.

Refrigerating warehouses construction aspects

The refrigerating warehouse is built according to the skeleton technology. The skeleton is made of metalwork and can be covered with polyurethane foam panels (PUR, PIR) either inside or outside. Either vertical or horizontal panel placement are allowed. At the same time, even after the erection of the warehouse, it is possible to make an on-the-fly layout change, or to create refrigerating chambers with different temperature conditions.

Why our partners choose PIR Premier panels

  1. Thanks to the particular design of the sandwich panel junction locking profile, the cold bridges are completely eliminated and the maximum thermal and hydro insulation of the refrigerating warehouse is provided.

  2. The low weight of the panels allows to avoid the use of huge building machinery, to reduce the stuff involved in the mounting works and to use lighter and cheaper foundations (which allows significant savings).

  3. The simplicity in cutting the panels and the cancellated structure of the skeleton allow to create quickly additional windows and doors.

  4. The solid, low weight metalwork skeleton can carry heavy suspended equipment.

  5. The unique energy saving properties of PH Insulations sandwich panels with the polyurethane foam (PIR Premier, PUR Classic) filler considerably reduce the technical requirements for the refrigeration equipment power (it is possible to use less powerful therefore, lower energy consuming refrigeration equipment).

  6. The special PH Insulations refrigeration doors are accurately selected according to the temperature conditions of the warehouse and allow to reduce significantly the thermal loss during the operation of the structure.

  7. If necessary, the refrigerating warehouse can be disassembled and transported to a new location.

PH Insulations sandwich panels are certified and have passed sanitary-epidemiological expertise. They are approved for the use in the erection of the food industry buildings.

Comprehensive approach, high quality of construction materials and competence of the company experts guarantee long service life of the warehouses built with PH Insulations polyurethane foam sandwich panels.

Construction materials

Polyurethane foam sandwich panels (PIR Premier, PUR Classic)

To build the refrigerating warehouses and chambers you will need sandwich panels having the thickness from 40 mm to 200 mm, with the fire-proofpolyisocyanurate PIR Premier filler or solid polyurethane foam PUR Classic.

Fire resistance of wall and roofing PUR, PIR panels

Parameter description Filler 40 60 80-120 150-200 Norm
Fire resistance limit of the wall panels PUR EI15 GOST 30247.1-94
PIR EI15 EI30 EI45 GOST 30247.0-94
Fire resistance limit of the roofing panels PIR RE15 RE30 RE30 GOST 30247.0-94 
GOST 30247.1-94
Class of fire danger PIR K1 (15) GOST 30403-96
Combustibility group PIR G2 GOST 30244-94
Flammability group PIR V1 GOST 30402-96
Smoke-forming ability PIR D3 GOST 12.1.044-89
Combustion products toxicity group PIR T2 GOST 12.1.044-89
Surface flame spreading group PIR RP1 GOST 51032-97

Sandwich panel surface the metal supplied by the leading Russian manufacturers (Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combinate (NLMK), Severstal, INSAYUR Group). The thickness of metal is 0,5 0,7 mm.

Variants of surface (depending on the functional purpose of the chamber or warehouse):

  • Galvanized steel
  • Galvanized steel coated with polyester paint (according to the RAL catalogue)
  • Stainless steel AISI 430 (for non-alimentary products)
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 (for alimentary products)
  • Galvanized steel coated with Plastisol
  • Galvanized steel coated with Pural
  • Galvanized steel coated with PVDF
  • Foil
  • Paper

ProfHolods sandwich panels are equipped with the tongue-and-groove junction locking profile, providing the maximum heat isolation of the joint and the minimum use of foam and sealant.

Depending on the panels thickness, the junction locking profile can be single, double or triple tongue-and-groove.

Single tongue-and-grooveDouble tongue-and-grooveTriple tongue-and-groove

For the junction of roofing panels the ROOF-LOCK is used.

Junction locking profile Junction locking profile ROOF-LOCK Junction locking profile ROOF-LOCK

Shape of wall sandwich panels

According to the customers design, it is possible to use sandwich panels having the smooth or profiled surface.

Profile of ProfHolod sandwich panels

Shape of roofing sandwich panels

Profile of roofing sandwich panels

Details on sandwich panels

Refrigeration doors

Depending on the warehouses functional purpose, different types of refrigeration doors are used: hinged (lay on or hidden, single or double) or sliding.

The doors can be either medium temperature or low temperature. They are made in different colors (according to the RAL catalogue) and have various surface materials. They are equipped with high-quality European hardware.

Details on refrigeration doors

Shaped profiles (flashings)

In order to cover joints and connections while building the refrigerating warehouses, metal shaped profiles (flashings) are used: channels, internal and external angles, flashings.

They are made in various colors according to the RAL catalogue.

Details on shaped profiles (flashings)